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In the realm of Kli Kodesh, I specialize in kashrus, eruvin, mikvaot.
In the realm of Mashpia, I specialize in advocacy, coaching, and education.
In the realm of secular, I specialize in planning, implementation, and design.


I work on bridge-building in community and help give voice to Torah and the learning community. I bring out the tov and mute the ra.


I help others learn, grow, be inspired, and transform. Using concepts of emunah and bitachon, my process is solutions-based.


I teach & speak on semiotics, chassidus, emunah, parsha, and relationships. I help bring Torah to life and inspire a connection with HaShem.

Web & Mobile Design

I have worked with web design for over a decade. I specialize in WordPress implementation with optional static deployment as well as traditional HTML and CSS customization.

Social Media

I have experience managing and promoting brand pages on social media. I offer experience in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

Content Creation

Flyers, tickets, posters, and more. Whether for print, online, or social sharing, I have developed graphics, logos, and brand image use for several companies.


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