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I’m a Rabbi from Portland, Oregon.

I have Semicha in Issur v’Heter and am studying Niddah and Eruvin.
I have a Doctorate in Semiotics & a defended dissertation in Jewish-Christian Relations.
I’m well educated, a pursuer of knowledge, and come with the experience you need.

I specialize (Jewishly) in kashrus, eruvin, chassidus, and kabbalah.
I specialize (still Jewishly) in social media, website development, and graphic design.
I’m a life coach, guide, and educator. I do Shabbatons, lectures, and shiurim.

I have two major ”brand images” that represent the work I do: Scripted Genius and YidBrik.

Scripted Genius logo

Web & Mobile Design

Strategy & Planning
Development & Design
Implementation & Launch
Maintenance & Training

I specialize in WordPress implementation with optional static deployment as well as traditional HTML and CSS customization.


Social Media

Facebook & Twitter
Email Campaigns

I have experience representing independent businesses, Fortune 500 Companies, collegiate institutions, and Jewish organizations.


Graphic Design

Logo Design
Social Media
Web Graphics
Print Design

I have developed graphics, logos, and brand image use for personal projects, Jewish groups, cafes, community events, Shabbatons, and more.

Yidbrik: Building Jewish Bridges logo


I partner with you to assist you in growing in your relationships.

I offer workshops on how to enhance personal skills and a desire to grow.



I help you learn, grow, be inspired, and transform.

Using concepts of building a life of action based on faith, my process is solutions-based.



I help bring Torah to life and inspire a growth with HaShem.

I teach & speak on semiotics, chassidus, kabbalah, & relationships.

My Clients

Current & Prior Clients

I’ve worked closely with these partners to provide graphic design, web development, and an enhanced excellent online presence.

My Projects

Current & Sunset Projects

I’ve worked on a lot of projects over the years. This is a small sample of my main ones that I’ve poured my heart into over time. Some are still active and others have been retired.

Simple & transparent pricing

It’s always hard to get a price on services. Each client’s needs are different. This chart should give you a good idea of pricing, but by no means it is complete. During my consultation with you, I will find out your needs and create a custom quote that reflects the services pr final product you need as well as taking into consideration any financial constraints you may have. My goal is to provide you with the best result at a reasonable rate.



From logos to websites, digital or in print. Create, launch, and promote.

Graphic Design

Website Development

Social Media Management



Chassidus, Mussar, Kabbalah, Halacha, Kashrus, and Semiotics.

Zoom Classes

Lectures & Workshops

Shabbatons & Retreats



Solutions-based, forward-moving, from flounder to thrive.

Life Coaching

Relationship Coaching

Narrative Coaching