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It Takes Two to Tango

What’s the value of having two of something? Personally, I like to have backups, but when it comes to Torah matters, a backup is useless – there needs to be a use, an application, otherwise there’s no point. So what’s the value in the king writing two sifrei Torah?

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Rosh Chodesh Elul & Making Teshuva Real

This Shabbos we read the parsha Re’eh, coinciding with Rosh Chodesh Elul. The Bobover Ruv brings the Bas Ayin on Re’eh, that for Elul the name of the month, normally spelled, אלול, can be spelled as עלול instead, substituting the aleph with an ayin. The latter term, with an ayin, refers to a baby. Thus, the fullest way to engage in the power of Elul, which is Teshuva, is to be like a newborn baby.

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