Are You “In Sync?”

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Are you in sync with your life? A core Jewish concept is the inner goodness of mankind. While there is an evil inclination, mankind is intrinsically good and pure. Otherwise, how could HaShem ask us to be holy before showing us how?

There are many religious groups that believe we’re full of sin by nature, but it just isn’t true. For example, Christianity teaches that mankind is full of depravity, but that is contrary to basic Jewish thought. Our future redemption and the World to Come is not based on a concept of glorification or forgiveness – we already have that through our offerings of prayer and our eventual death. So what is the goal, if not glorification? Perhaps one goal is synchronization?

At the time of writing this post, I have had an atomic watch at home sitting in the window. It’s at home, in the window, because even though it syncs every four hours, it’s been off by about 70 minutes for a few weeks now. Sometimes we’re out of sync and not functioning how we ought to. We still operate, but not properly. We still have use, but only with accommodation. When we are in sync, however, it’s how Steve Jobs portrayed the iPhone: “it just works.”

Are you in sync? With yourself? With HaShem? Take a moment and look at yourself. Is this where and what you want to be? Is your current observance and relationship with the Infinite where it needs to be? We all have changes to make, just like a ship continually adjusting its path to arrive at its destination. Set aside some time to map your path with HaKadosh Baruch Hu and adjust your path as necessary. It’s full of simple and regular steps. Say a blessing, read Tehillim, enjoy a sunny day, be in the moment…