Here We Are – My Chuppah Pledge

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Today my wife and I will veil, walk, and circle under a Chuppah as we recite our Jewish vows following our completed conversion to Orthodox Judaism. We’ll also break glass, have kiddush, and dance after the yichud room.

Despite COVID-19 and current lockdown situations, we’ll have all this. We’re taking all the necessary precautions: social distancing, outdoors, small attendance, streaming the service, and face masks. Even the dancing will be more stringent than county health guidelines during this pandemic. We’re taking care of mares ayin and providing our community a much-needed season of simcha. so, despite protests and pandemic, we’ll have all this.

What we won’t have, however, is custom vows as we have a halachic process to follow with our Ketubah. So, in light of this absence, I penned the following poem in honor of our celebration. I hope you enjoy it.

Here We Are

We have had quite the journey together. First in Central Oregon, then Gresham, and now here. We’ve been together for over a decade. Married for over nine years. Yet we begin again.

Here We Are...

The past few years have been a challenging whirlwind, and we made it. We weathered the challenges that life has thrown at us and made it to the chuppah. A proper wedding – something I promised you from day one.

Here We Are...

Trying to think of the words to write – to tell – you…none of them are adequate. How can I sum up the love and devotion I have to you – my best friend, my companion? I could be cheesy (I’m a vegetarian, after all). You’re the peanut butter to my gluten free jelly sandwich. You’re the spice to my tofu and rice bowl life. You’re the organic roast to my craft cold brew delight. You’re so much more.

Here We Are...

You are, for better and for worse, my other half. We bring harmony to each other. In semiotic terms, it’s our union that creates the almond. There’s no mandorla without you. But what does that mean? HaShem designed us for each other. From before the womb. From before time. In rain and in shine, in day and in night, no matter how much we may fight – this is where I’m meant to be. With you.

Here We Are…

And there’s no place I’d rather be.

Always and forever, I love you.